Welcome to Kilbride Presbyterian Church

Kilbride Presbyterian Church is a group of ordinary believers who love Jesus.  We believe that the kingdom grows through prayer-filled, worship-centred witness.  Kilbride is a place of welcome for all who desire to know Jesus better and then by His spirit are equipped to spread his love with others to the glory of the Father.  We would love you to join us for Sunday worship at 11.30 am.

BFF Resources – Bible Apps and more.

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Kilbride’s first Student Night is happening on 20th December from 7:30 pm – 9pm in the church halls. We want to hear how all is going at College and University and how we as a church can better support you wherever you are studying. For more information speak to Nicole Craig.

The Littlest Watchman Advent Calendar

Help your little ones discover the Christmas story with this great advent calendar. It comes with daily bible reflections that take 5 mins to complete. Open a window each day to reveal the bible verse, help share the joy of the Christmas story with your family.  I have ordered a few copies, if you would like one, email bff@kilbridepresbyterian.org, they cost £4 and I will have them for Sunday 26th November.  Speak to Richard or Janice on Sunday.

As We Wait Advent Reflection

We’re all waiting for something, aren’t we?  We don’t like waiting. In fact, we’re a society that has tried to rid our lives of unnecessary waiting! You can now order your fast food on apps so restaurants can have your order ready the minute you arrive. Waiting of any kind is hard for us.

Waiting was hard for the Israelites, too; they spent a lot of time waiting for the hope of the coming Messiah. Sometimes, our tendency is to rush through the Christmas season .

Our prayer this season is that you would slow down and enter into the waiting as you walk through each week’s reading. Each week will look at a different aspect of waiting as we walk through the story of the Bible, realizing that each of these stories of waiting point us to the hope we have in Jesus. We pray that you would be encouraged in your walk with Christ as you wait for Him.

If you would like to receive this by email, please send an email to bff@kilbridepresbyterian.org, follow on our facebook page or speak to Richard for a paper copy.

Sunday Services

Sunday 10th December

10-15am Sunday School and Bible Class

10-30am Prayer Meeting in Prayer Room

11-30am Morning Service

Sunday 17th December

10-15am Sunday School and Bible Class

10-30am Prayer Meeting in Prayer Room

11-30am Morning Service

7-00pm Carol Service with tea and mince pies to follow

Please come and join us in celebrating the birth of the Christ Child. This is a wonderful opportunity to invite a friend who does not normally come to church, so pray about someone you might bring along

Sunday 24th December

10-15am Sunday School and Bible Class

10-30am Prayer Meeting in Prayer Room

11-30am All Age Service – Our youth organisations will be taking part in a pop-up nativity entitled ’The Greatest Journey’. Whilst the young people will be taking part we encourage you to come along and enter into the spirit of that great journey Mary and Joseph took to Bethlehem. So why not think about coming dressed as a wise man, a shepherd or an angel?!!