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In modern living, family life is very busy and often we forget or just don’t know what we should be doing with our families to worship God at home. To deepen our relationship with God we need to spend time in his presence and discover more about him. This is not always easy due to the pressure of modern living and sometime we don’t have time to look for a programme to follow or know where to start.

BFF is a new home programme developed by the Kirk Session in Kilbride Presbyterian to provide families with helpful spiritual resources to follow at home. The theme in BFF is Being Faithful Families were we continue to worship God on a daily basis in a practical way with the time you have available.

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Whole Family – Lent Devotional 2017

Watch out on our home page, email, facebook page for daily reflections over the period of Lent. Starting from 1st March through to Easter Sunday.

Click here to download the booklet from the Presbyterian College, Montreal website.

40 Activities to explore with your family is a wonderful resource to help share the Easter Story with you children in a practical way.  Watch our facebook page for weekly updates.  Click here to download the resource from the Sun Hats and Wellie Boots website.


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